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3rd & 4th Grade

Miss Kathy Moran – 3rd & 4th Grade

Miss Kathleen Moran - Fourth Grade

Kathleen Moran has been teaching at MCES for 31 years. She attended Framingham State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Instructional Technology in the Curriculum.

“I have never looked at my place at MCES as a job. It is my vocation. Jesus is part of every moment of each day. I love that I can talk about Jesus even in math class! There is definitively the feeling of family that is present here at Milford Catholic. This provides for a safe and loving environment.”

What is her typical day like?

“A teacher’s day is never the same from one day to the next. The children in the class drive my day. We have routines but my students come first and that means moving my lessons around from time to time.”

She says people might not know that we have dedicated long term teachers (20 years plus) who choose to be a teacher at MCES. Several teachers have master’s degrees.

Miss Moran believes, “We are educating our children not only with academics but more importantly with faith and values to shape their person as a whole.”

One of her favorite moments?

“I have been at MCES over 3 decades so I have many special memories and “aha” moments. My favorite moments always involve the genuine love and kindness the children show towards one another. Watching the way the older children want to take care of the younger children always warms my heart. Also, each year my students make seasonal decorations for an area nursing home. They are so happy and proud to make the elderly feel loved. I love seeing prayer in action.“