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2nd Grade

Miss Jean Ellen Shea – 2nd Grade

Miss Shea has been at MCES for 19 years. She attended Dean College in Franklin, and earned a Bachelor of Science from Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA, and both a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate and her Master’s degree in Education from Framingham State University. She also has received Professional certifications from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education. Elementary Education 1-6, General Science 1-6, General Science 6-8 and was two years adjunct faculty member at Framingham State College Graduate School.

Miss Shea enjoys the small family-like community at MCES and the camaraderie among the faculty and staff. They all believe it is their mission to educate the students to their highest potential.

She believes Milford Catholic offers an outstanding education, but most importantly, Christ is at the heart of our school.

“He is the reason for our school and the reason why I teach there,” she says. “We need places where children can learn about prayer and can pray. We need places where it’s okay to talk about God. Our children’s souls need nourishment as much as their minds. We DO educate the whole child – body, mind, and spirit.”

And what’s her typical day like?

“I believe there is no typical day when teaching children, one day is different than the next!”

At MCES, Miss Shea, believes, students are truly valued as unique individuals. Each student is cared for and loved. They are in a safe environment where they are able to uncover and explore their talents.

She says people might not know that “our educational practices are progressive. We have the freedom to teach without constraints. We were differentiating instruction before it was a common idea in educational practice.”

One of her favorite moments are?

“When my former students come back to visit and tell me about their success and accomplishments. They still feel “connected” to Milford Catholic,” she says.