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PreK-3 Teacher

Mrs. Sara O’Toole – Little Angels Preschool 3 Year Teacher

Mrs. O’Toole is in her first year of teaching at MCES. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. She previously worked in the Hopkinton Public Schools as a teaching assistant for a moderate special needs child in Pre-k and K, and from 2002 to 2006 she owned her own OFC certified in-home preschool. Her preschool transitioned to an in home daycare for three years.

More recently, from 2010 to 2015, Mrs. O’Toole co-taught at Shining Star Early Childhood Center for five years in an integrated classroom with special needs and typical peer models.

Being new to the staff at MCES, she has been comforted by how welcoming the entire staff has been.

“Everyone is helpful, kind and works as a team,” she says. “During the first week teachers would stop by my room to ask how things were going or to see if I needed help with anything. The entire staff seems to know all of the children and families in the school as well. It is a very different atmosphere than most schools, and it creates such strong bonds between staff and families.”

“Students are taught to be respectful, kind and to know what is morally sound in addition to traditional academics,” she says. “These are things that are important foundations of the way each child will perceive the world and live their lives as adults. I believe that the lessons that are learned at our school carry over to the students/families’ home lives and make them more caring, compassionate people.”

With class sizes at an all-time high in some public schools and the controversial Core Curriculum being taught, Mrs. O’Toole says the teaching and learning provided at MCES offers an alternative. “The class sizes are much smaller and enables more one to one learning time per student,” she says. “Teachers follow a curriculum but we are allowed to teach students at a more acceptable pace. We are not rushing through concepts as sometimes occurs at other schools.”

One of her favorite moments?

“I knew as soon as I walked in for my interview that MCES was where I wanted to be. Miss Sciretta’s welcoming smile and kind words made me feel at home instantly. The floors shine, classrooms are decorated with care and the staff really takes pride in our school. Everyone works as a team to keep the school looking so nicely.”