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PreK-4 Aide

Mrs. Kimberly Maille – Little Angels Preschool 4 Year Aide

Mrs. Maille is in her first year of teaching at Milford Catholic Elementary School. She attended Community College of Rhode Island and has five years of experience working in the classrooms. The last 14 years she has enjoyed being a stay at home mom.

Being new to the staff at MCES, she has found that everyone has been very nice and welcoming. She says, “Being with the children is great!”

What is her typical day like?

“We have prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance, first thing outside, free play, snack, calendar and songs”, she says.

She says that something that people may not know, but should, is how long the school has been open. 40 years as MCES, however Catholic education has been in Milford for 135 years.

“From what I have seen (being new), everyone knows each other very well, and cares for one another. Children seem happy and are so caring. It is a really nice community,” she says.

One of her favorite moments?

“Being back in the classroom full time after so many years away, MCES feels like home and I feel like it is where I belong!”