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Mr. Jesse Fontaine – Music Education


Jesse Fontaine from Northbridge, MA, has been teaching at MCES for 13 years.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Music from Worcester State University and has 17 years of experience in music education.  Mr. Fontaine was an advisor for the first Teacher Program at Jazz in July UMass Amherst.

Additionally, Mr. Fontaine is a professional musician who has been awarded for his talents as a vocalist, pianist and for his work with his jazz act. Several of his original compositions have been used as background music by the CBS television network.

“I enjoy the enthusiasm of each child as they walk into my classroom,” he says. “Their eagerness to learn and grow combined with their ability to look at the world with open eyes is contagious.”

What is his typical day like?

“I am constantly researching music and developing lesson plans for my classes that range from preschool to grade six.  I work on organizing the music for our schools Masses and various other events throughout the year.”

Mr. Fontaine says MCES is a place of learning, love and compassion. “Each child is respected as an individual and cared for,” he says. “MCES has been a pillar of education in the community for 40 years. The school prepares its students for life with a solid and well-rounded education. “

One of his favorite moments?

“Most recently, while I was supervising in the cafeteria, I showed a preschooler that if you peel the center of an orange carefully, you will find the small tree growing inside. The student looked at me very puzzled. I told her to use her imagination. She smiled with such great enthusiasm and said “Oh yeah, I can see the branches!” Another favorite moment of his was when a three –year old boy walked into the music room and spots him sitting at the piano and called out “It’s you again.” He turned to a fellow classmate and said “At least we got the funny guy.”