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Little Angels PreK-3

Free Play

Students are encouraged to have social interactions with peers, play in various centers and explore many materials available in the classroom.


Students are taught a snack prayer, basic table manners and encouraged to talk to their friends at the table while eating their snacks. They will also have an opportunity to use the bathroom and choose books to read out of our classroom library.

Circle Time

Students will learn the pledge of allegiance, a hello song, a song for the days of the week and a number song. We will talk about the calendar, the season, and the weather. Students will get a turn to be a part of the circle as the calendar helper and weather helper as well.

Learning Centers

During this time, students will be shown the project(s) of the day which will pertain to our weekly theme. Most often there will be an art craft and hands on learning game.

Little Angels Preschool / Daycare 3 year old program

Religion, Art, Music and Library

On designated days each week students will have Music and Library out of our classroom. During our Art period the art teacher will travel to our classroom with her supplies. Specified religious lessons will be taught once a week in the form of a “weekly reader” type lesson.

Gross Motor Time

Recess is held on the lower outdoor area. Students will be encouraged to run, climb, swing and jump during this time. During inclement weather, recess will be held in the Club Room where students can choose from a variety of games and activities.