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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Milford Catholic Elementary School accept non-Catholic students?
A diverse student body from a variety of parishes, towns, and faiths receive an excellent education at MCES. We welcome children from age three years old (by August 31st of the current school year) without regard to family’s race, religion, cultural heritage, political belief, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation. We strongly believe that children of all faiths and backgrounds will benefit from our value-driven, student-centered approach to learning. In keeping with the identity of a Catholic school, all of our students are exposed to activities related to our faith-based program.

What is the average classroom size? How many teachers per classroom? Do you have an aide or
Milford Catholic values small class sizes. In PreK-3 students have 1 teacher for every 10 students and PreK-4 has 1 teacher for every 12 students. Both Pre-K classrooms are also staffed with a teaching assistant. Grades K-6 classes have historically averaged less than 15 students per teacher.

Is Preschool half or full day? Kindergarten?
Preschool offers a flexible schedule of half and full days. The kindergarten program follows a full day schedule.

What is the teacher retention rate?
Over 90% of our faculty members have been a part of the Milford Catholic community between 12-40 years.

Is Milford Catholic aligned with the state educational standards? Do students participate in
standardized testing?
Milford Catholic Elementary School utilizes systematic and sequential curriculums that align with state standards for reading, math, science, and social studies. Students participate in the TerraNova, a nationally-recognized norm-referenced test designed to assess students in core academic areas. Our students in Grades 2 through 6 participate annually and our latest TerraNova testing places MCES students in the top 90 th percentile nationally, among Catholic schools. Classroom teachers also consistently monitor student progress through both formal and informal assessments.

Is there Physical Education? Music? Library? Any creative outlets?
Students in PreK-6 participate in Physical Education, Music, Art, and Library on a weekly basis. Chorus and Bells choir are offered through our music department to students beginning in Grade 4. Spanish is currently taught in Grades 5 and 6. Investigation into starting Spanish in the earlier grade levels is currently underway. Students also participate in a wide variety of special programs
throughout the year.

How interdisciplinary is the curriculum?
Our classroom teachers are creative in their teaching. Interdisciplinary activities occur frequently at all grade levels.

If a child needs a little extra academic help or has mild learning disabilities, how is that supported?
Teachers implement modifications in the classroom in order to best meet the needs of students. Open communication with families is especially crucial in this situation.

How much emphasis do you place on kindness, respect, and community?
All members of our school community feel safe and nurtured. Through the teachings of Jesus, teachers illustrate His values of kindness and respect. These values are in our day-to-day lives and lessons.

How do you discipline and redirect problems/issues?
Discipline is handled within the classroom and teachers maintain age-appropriate expectations of their students.

Where are our families from?
Milford Catholic draws students from Milford and the surrounding communities of Holliston, Medway, Millis, Franklin, Bellingham, Mendon, Hopedale, Upton, Hopkinton, and Ashland.

What does parent involvement mean at Milford Catholic? How much and how can one be involved?
Parent involvement and the feeling of community is something that we truly value at Milford Catholic. Upon enrollment parents have the option to volunteer 10 hours of their time to one of the Parent Guild’s committees and we encourage parents to be as involved as possible.

Is there a nurse on staff?
A full-time nurse is employed as a part of our staff.
What are the school hours?
The school day is from 8:15am – 2:50pm.

Is transportation available to students?
Residents of Milford with a student in K-6 may utilize the public school buses. Families from surrounding communities have been successful in arranging carpools with one another.

Before and after school care options?
On demand before and after school care is available for PreK3-Grade 6. Before school care begins at 7:00am and after school care is available until 5:45pm.

What do other families utilize for child-care on early release and/or no school days that fall outside of
the traditional school calendar?
Milford Catholic typically offers after school care for pre-registered students on early release days. On school days that fall outside of the traditional school calendar, some families of younger students have utilized drop-in care at the following local daycare centers: Next Generation (Franklin & Hopkinton) and Bright Horizons (Franklin Industrial Park). Be sure to call ahead to learn more about their programs and register your child.

Does MCES offer extra-curricular activities?
Extra-curricular offerings begin as early as Pre-K4. Some of the activities typically offered include S.T.E.M., F.A.S.T. Athletics, Chorus, and the Bells Choir. There are special programs offered
throughout the year as well.

Are there summer camp/sessions?
Typically Milford Catholic offers a variety of summer offerings, ranging from academically based programs to music lessons. Due to the distinct possibility that the parking lot will be renovated during the summer months, activities will not be available this summer.

What schools do graduates of Milford Catholic attend?
Milford Catholic has excellent graduation placement into highly-rated area schools such as Holy Name, Mount St. Charles, St. John’s, Montrose, Xaverian, Ursuline, St. Bridget, and Marion. Students have also carried their strong educational foundation into the surrounding local public schools.