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1st Grade

Mrs. Cindy Stakus – 1st Grade

Mrs. Stakus has been at MCES for 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Framingham State College, she has 11 years teaching experience and six years of teaching assistant experience.

“I love that we can talk about God and religion at school,” she says. “We can celebrate all holidays, and we can teach the true meaning of each holiday! I love that I can pass my love of God and Church onto the boys and girls in my class. And encourage them to share their love with others.”

What is her typical day like?

“No day is typical in first grade,” Mrs. Stakus says. “We follow our schedule for the day. However, things can happen that provide “teachable moments” such as a large flock of birds or a rainbow.”

She says something people might not know about MCES is that “we teach so much more than academics. Our students learn to be loving and respectful. We take the time to teach them how to love and how to respect others.  We hold our students to high expectations and teach them how to live up to them.  They are responsible for their own actions.  Children leaving our school are different from students leaving other schools.  And that difference is positive and visible.”

“Parents should care about Milford Catholic Elementary School because of the education the school provides,” Mrs. Stakus says. “Not just academics, but educating the whole child. The children leaving MCES at the end of sixth grade are incredible young men and women and it is noticed in the community. We are able to teach the students to live as Jesus lived. The children leaving MCES at the end of sixth grade are incredible young men and women.  Our world needs more kind, caring, loving, faith-filled people.  That is what we do.”

One of her favorite moments?

“One of my favorite moments at MCES is gathering together as a school community each morning for prayers.  A great way to start our day!  Also special is watching the second grade First Communion class, dressed in their communion suits and white dresses, walk down Main Street to St. Mary’s Church to celebrate the Eucharist for the first time with their school family.  And finally, when our halls are lined with teary-eyed and cheering students and staff, as our sixth graders walk the halls and exit the school one last time – ready to begin their next journey in life.”