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First Grade Curriculum

First Grade Class MCES


Reading Program, Scott Foresman

Children become successful readers by having many opportunities to read, both independently and with guidance. A home environment in which reading and writing are encouraged helps children develop into lifelong readers.

The Reading Program includes big books, anthologies, practice and phonics skills workbooks, leveled readers, phonics tapes and poems, and phonics readers. Skills in oral language, phonics, reading, writing, and spelling are emphasized. Weekly spelling lists will be sent home. The “Family Times” newsletter provides instructional activities to reinforce the week’s target skills.

Our “Blue Books” are also used to reinforce decoding skills.


Children are encouraged to write using inventive spelling for everyday writing. Please respond positively to the ideas in your child’s writing, rather than focusing on spelling, grammar, or form. This support will help develop an enthusiasm for writing. Spelling and punctuation will improve with practice in writing.


enVisionMATH, Pearson Education, Inc.

This program offers a wide range of strategies and activities, so that all children can experience success in mathematics. The following topics will be introduced in Grade One: addition and subtraction concepts, addition and subtraction strategies, addition and subtraction facts practice, problem solving, numbers to 100, comparing and ordering numbers, patterns, data and graphing, money, time, shapes, measurement, fractions, and addition and subtraction with 2-digit numbers.


Nancy Larson Science 1

Nancy Larson Science 1 focuses on the life sciences because, at this ago, students are focused more on themselves than the things around them. The topics focus on stages of life starting with human beings, moving to plants, then animals (primarily mammals), and ending with insects. The stages of life of all of these are compared and contrasted. Science 1 also explores sunlight, water, and soil.

Grade 1 will also utilize the Milford Bike Trail behind the school to look for diverse habitats and identify various plant, animal, and bird species. We will choose several species to observe, record, and photograph throughout the year. The class will head out on the trail monthly to examine our species, collect data, and note any changes.

Social Studies

My World, Macmillan/McGraw Hill

A variety of themes are covered: Where We Live, Our World, It Happened in America, We Belong, People at Work, and Americans Celebrate.  We also incorporate weekly Scholastic News into the curriculum, as well as studying current events and holidays (Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, etc.)


We Believe: God Loves Us, Sadlier

Religion is an essential part of the Milford Catholic Elementary School curriculum. Learning about God’s love and living as a child of God are promoted throughout the school. Daily prayers, attendance at Mass, and prayer services bring our school together in a positive way.

Each unit begins with a “Sharing Faith as a Family” page, which gives some background information and summarizes the main ideas of the unit. Each chapter ends with a “Sharing Faith With My Family” page, which gives suggestions for family discussion and participation. You will also find connections to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We strongly urge you to use these pages as a family.

The children should know the following by the completion of Grade One. Please practice often.

The Sign of the Cross
Hail Mary
Our Father
Prayer to the Guardian Angel
Glory Be
Grace (Before Meals)
Grace (After Meals)


My World, Macmillan/McGraw Hill

Practice word lists in Blue Book
Complete any unfinished work
Correct mistakes on papers (workbook pages, math, etc.)
Use the Math page suggestions for at-home activities to reinforce skills
Use the Reading practice book pages, including the “Family Times” weekly newsletter, as at-home activities to reinforce skills
Special assignments and “projects” (science, reading, religion) may be assigned
Do the weekly religion pages “Sharing Faith With My Family” together
Weekly spelling lists should be practiced daily