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Mrs. Ann Marie Tutela – Art Education

Mrs. Tutela has been teaching at Milford Catholic Elementary School for 10 years. She holds a Bachelor   of Fine Arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art. She also holds a certified teaching certificate for PreK to 8th grade art, and is currently teaching at two other Catholic schools in the Worcester Diocese.

“I find MCES such an enjoyable place to work for many reasons,” she says. “Most prominently, are the children, teachers and staff I work with on a day to day basis. They make what I do meaningful. The families that I have the pleasure to learn and grow with are one of the many reasons I keep pursuing my career at MCES.”

What is her typical day like?

“My day, as well as every child who enters my classroom begins with prayer. I stand outside of the art room and welcome every student. Smiles are always offered, as they are the easiest way to make the environment a warmer place. I then assist the students in exploring their creativity using paints, pastels, markers, color pencils and more. We explore our personal talents, while enjoying our time together in an enlightening way.

At lunchtime, I proceed to clean and set up for my afternoon classes, where more exploration of the art world continues to happen until the final bell rings. At the end of the day there is more cleaning, organizing and preparing for the next day.”

She says something that people may not know about MCES is the fact that there is a school Mass every first Friday of the month, either at Sacred Heart or St. Mary’s. “The children of a particular grade will gather together to learn about the importance of a community and the value of the Lord’s teachings.   Everyone in our community is welcome to join us.”

Mrs. Tutela says MCES is a place that has, and always will care. Everything that takes place is done with the child’s best interest at heart, along with love and friendships. That is what makes our school unique. People should know that such a caring place is right around the corner from their homes. The families get to experience first- hand the value of a close relationship to their child’s school, as well as their faith. This bond between school and faith cannot typically be found amongst other schools and its strength will carry along with the students forever. These students and their faith have the opportunity to affect their communities in the brightest ways.

One of her favorite moments?

“The most inspirational moment in my 10 year career at MCES, was when a parent sent me a personalized letter highlighting her child’s success. Her son, who was a past student of mine, achieved a high honor art award. She thanked me for opening the art world to her son and showing him how to use his talents to the best of his ability. This event has forever inspired me to continue teaching and making each day at MCES an inspiring one.”