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5th Grade

Miss Julie Lynch – 5th Grade

Julie Lynch holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and United States History with a minor in Women’s History from Stonehill College.  Currently, she is working towards a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Boston College.  She attends St. Mary’s Parish in Franklin, MA where she lives with her parents and brother.

Since Miss Lynch was a young child, she knew she was meant to teach.  “The joy of teaching comes with knowing that you make a difference in a child’s life.  That light bulb moment in a student’s day is the most rewarding for a teacher.”  She believes that being a teacher is her way to make an impact on this world by teaching the next generation of leaders the importance of knowledge, respect, and faith.

Having attended a Catholic college, Miss Lynch is familiar with the combination of academics, faith and character.  Since she has begun teaching at MCES, she is impressed with the familial atmosphere.  She looks forward to working with her students and their families.